I’m a designer living in Madison, WI. In the last six years at Epic, I have designed products that make it easier to understand patients and plan their care. My work has been used by primary care providers, cardiologists, oncologists, dentists, folks you’d meet in an emergency department, and most recently, population health experts.

I wear many hats beyond ‘designer.’ I lead design teams, evangelize user-centered practices across roles, enhance company-wide UX ops, and shape the stories of executive keynotes. By far, my favorite parts to play are mentor, coach, and ally to the design-thinkers and world-changers I get to work alongside.

Before all of that began, I earned my bachelor of arts from the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. I graduated with a dual concentration: 2D and Electronic & Time-Based Media. The latter is a concise way of saying I love digital imaging, 3D modeling, animation, and programming as means to create wonder and delight.

Feel free to get in touch, I love trading stories.

- Mackie